Why Us ?

We may be old(er) but we have a lot of EXPERIENCE.

Our Promise To You

No company has the guts to give you this promise.


  1. BIG isn’t always better; Big Companies often charge BIG prices to cover the costs of advertising and BIG overheads. (TV & Radio)
  2. High price may not mean high quality. Many Australian Blinds & Awnings Companies are now owned by overseas investors, who supply lower standard imported material.
  3. The personal touch has mostly “gone missing” in the home improvement industry. You can absolutely have the option of enjoying good service and avoiding feeling like a number.


Suncrest Outdoor Blinds PROMISE to you:


  • Friendly, Honest and Good Old Fashioned Service – ask us anything we love to chat; we will
    take all the time you want to meet your exact needs (home or business).
  • Understanding & Personal Service including informing you of progress on your awnings/blinds status: start to finish.
  • Available on SATURDAY and SUNDAY
  • On-time prompt professionals that listen, care and respect you home and your privacy.
  • Finely groomed, nice smelling consultants that leave their shoes at the front door.
  • 100’s of latest colours, styles and materials to choose from.
  • SENIOR’s Discounts all year around.
  • On the SPOT GENUINE QUOTES with no high-ball prices or huge pretend discounts.
  • Already have a quote? No worries!  Just show it to us and we’ll try to beat it by 6% (on comparable products).
    We are proud to be associated with the following companies:
     www.brellafabrics.com.au/our-range | www.rickyrichards.com.au/docril | www.visiontex.com.au

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No PRESSURE NO HASSLE. Our qualified Consultants will show you the latest range of awnings & blinds available today. Our prices are most affordable and competitive.

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3-6-5 Living All Year Round

Shade Ideas For You

Outdoor Living 3-6-5. We specialise in sun blinds Melbourne, balcony blinds, zipscreen blinds, outdoor blinds, external blinds, canopies and outdoor awnings Melbourne style.

Big Is Not Always Best

“Big” doesn’t always mean better.  Companies that advertise on radio and TV pass these cost onto customers. So at the end of the day, you’re paying for those anoying ads. We’re about no fuss QUALITY & AFFORDABILITY!!

Safety In Your Home

No need to shop for blinds from shop to shop. We come to you SEVEN days a WEEK. We carry samples, materials, cloths, info, brochures and such at hand. It’s a heavy bag, but worth it for you. Your in-home consultation is a pleasant and rewarding experience. We show you all explain and give our all. No PROBLEMS.

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