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You made it here. For your efforts, here are a few gems to get you thinking.

If you are relying on GOOGLE reviews, we have some some bad news for you. Reviews aren’t always an honest indication or reflection of a product or the company.  As for GOOGLE itself  and other social media giants, they’re not what they use to be. There are numerous examples (especially over the COVID-19 period in 2020) as to their fact checking, cancel culture, bias campaigns, breach of privacy issues just to mention a few. Such as, the (non-tax paying Faceboo) deleting content and threating the Australian Government and people. And if they do not like your review, they will delete your account and reviews.

So can we really trust them to provide genuine feedback from actual customers? Or even worse, highlight the bad ones only!

As for reliability of reviews…what can I say…there is always someone out there who is hard done by, feels unheard or disgruntled.

Read as many reviews  from as many sources, even listen to a friend who had experience with the company to get an overall idea. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. Pick up the phone, call the company direct. Make an appointment. Get them to your place for a FREE measure/quote. See how prompt the response is and how quickly can they be at your place.

Generally, unless you want to order 10 blinds all motorised with the alleged latest bells and whistles, you will be over promised and under delivered by most companies.  Not to mention that they are in no hurry to get to you; especially if it is a small job.  Without a doubt you will hear every excuse made not to come over. (Read Legitimate Testimonials below)

Forget the annoying radio ads and made up internet awards on their sites. You need to look  much deeper.  Here are 8 things to look for:

  1. Is it a caring  family owned business, a franchise or a large conglomerate owned by foreign investors who are only interested in profit and shipping it overseas?
  2. Are the people friendly, honest and easy going or are they pushy because of targets they have to meet?  (Read Sharon’s Testimonial below)
  3. Do their personnel arrive on time (if at all!) for a measure & quote/installation and are polite, courteous, neat and tidy?   (Read Maurice’s Testimonial)
  4. Do you feel like just another a NUMBER when dealing with BIG companies or do they actually make you feel like a valued customer?  (Read Maureen’s Testimonial)
  5. Do they offer Personal Service and advice, offering less expensive items rather than ‘the latest” items that are probably unnecessary ?? (Read Keith’s Testimonial below)
  6. Where do they source their materials for the manufacture of blinds from and who stands behind their products?
  7. Do they try to sell you top of the range items at the highest cost that you may not need or do they listen and advise the best solutions for your personal needs?  ( Read Susie’s Testimonial below)
  8. Do they quote high ball prices first then discount it by 50% – 80% to make it look like you’re getting a bargain.  Would anyone believe that a $100K sports car can be bought for $20K? 

Remember . . BIGGER is not always better and in many cases can be unnecessarily expensive. Companies that litter the Radio & TV with annoying ads, freebies and giveaways may not always have your interests at heart. You know the saying: “The bigger the ad, the worse the service and the more sub-standard the product”!

There are a number of smaller companies and operators that do not have huge budgets to splurge on TV and radio ads, but DO absolutely offer a superior customer service and stand 100% behind their products because they do not incur massive overheads like flooding advertising, or misleading “impressive” showroom office space and superfluous administration staff.

Having a showroom staffed by occasionally incompetent and in some cases “indifferent staff” may not be the best way forward either in your choice of supplier. And let’s be honest, buying blinds is not like buying take away food you consume in one sitting; it’s a 10 year+ investment into your home environment. Experienced, knowledgeable staff are vital for personal advice and guidance. Without that, even more time and expense is added to the process.

With COVID-19 challenges in 2020, many business owners have closed their showrooms opting to simply operate remotely from home offices. Having a showroom and expensive advertising compounds the cost of your blinds, compromising other areas like service and quality product and most importantly, INSTALLATION!

Choosing an awnings or a blinds supplier comes down to only a few things.

Forget the . . .

  • fancy vans/cars
  • caps/visors
  • embroidered shirts
  • coffee mugs
  • fridge magnets
  • slick website images of perfect Million Dollar homes with Hollywood swimming pools and tennis courts
  • over selling laptop presentations
  • any type of FREE gift if you buy NOW.

At the end of the day, someone has to pay for all that fancy stuff. And that someone is –YOU!

DO look for:

  • Promptness
  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

Remember so-called BIG companies only want to do BIG jobs.  Usually they don’t want to waste time and resources with one blind.  Honest blind companies will know that in order to be a great company, no job is too small or too big . .

When you get this combination correct, the price will always be right!


WOULD YOU  pay $12 for a loaf of bread that is worth $2? Same goes with blinds and awnings.  Give us a go.


What Others Say About Us
More testimonials available upon request

10 April 2021

Suncrest Outdoor Blinds is a first class operation. We did the usual shop around for quotes and found that many providers promised the world but then failed to even get back to us in a timely way. Suncrest was different. Not only did they promise, they delivered. Timely, quality product with excellent customer service, including where necessary on a weekend. Our only disappointment was that we can only rate them as five stars rather than much higher! Highly recommended and much thanks to Vlad, Aaron, Josh, Ange and Adam for a great experience and a great product.

Maurice – OLINDA

17th March 2021      Dear Vlad / Suncrest Blinds,

I wanted to write to let you know that our sun blinds that we ordered through Suncrest Blinds are truly fantastic!

I wished to have blinds on my son’s windows prior to Christmas 2020 and Suncrest Blinds delivered when no one else could, thank you!

Vlad this is the second time you quoted me my sun blinds and both times we received incredible service from you and the company. I would truly recommend you Vlad as a wonderful sales person that is also honest and reliable. The sun blinds have been a blessing with the hot days we have been receiving.

Suncrest Blinds said they would deliver good quality blinds and they did, I am truly grateful.

Kind regards Sharon Dyer – Berwick

5th March 2021

Excellent Work! Professional Installation! All around amazing Team!

Thanks to Vlad, Aaron, Josh and Ange, I’ve got my amazing folding arm motorised awning installed, and I love it!

My outdoor space was completely exposed to the sun, all year round, and really I just avoided it during the summer months. I did some research, and was trying to decide on the best option for some form of cover. I didn’t like the idea of a permanent structure, because in winter I would appreciate some sunlight coming through!

I phoned Suncrest Outdoor blinds and spoke with Vlad. I told him what I was looking for, and he agreed to do an in home, no obligation quote. I was extremely impressed with Vlad!

He was on time, and gave a professional, honest assessment of my space, and suggested the folding arm awning. He even advised me on the best options, with a fantastic price!

A few weeks later, I got the call that my awning was ready to be installed! Aaron and Josh showed up, on time, and did an amazing job of installing the awning. They were extremely professional and did their job with experienced precision!

Vlad also came, to make sure I was happy with the job! The first demonstration of the motorisation was mesmerising, It was even better than I hoped for – 10 stars!!!

Next Ange came and completed the electrical work. Again, excellent, professional workmanship was on display! Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with the final result!. Vlad then again came over for a final inspection, and just to make sure I was happy with everything.

The Team at Suncrest Outdoor Blinds, have been amazing from start to finish, and I highly recommend them. It is definitely true, that no job is too small for them, to give that amazing personalised service! Thanks guys for a job well done!
Keith   – Ferntree Gully  


gailw634 –  11 Mar 2021

Very happy with the service from Suncrest Outdoor blinds. Had new outdoor blinds fitted late January, very happy with them. Installers friendly and efficient. Vlad very helpful.
Gail – Ringwood North

rolfes – 17 Feb 2021

I found suncrest to be professional and prompt with their installation of our blinds. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to install their blinds.
Rolfe & Gayle – Ferntree Gully

susiea235 – 08 Feb 2021

I would highly recommend Suncrest for your outdoor blinds. They were very efficient and helpful when deciding on the best outdoor blind for my outdoor area. They provided me the best and cheaper one for my area and looks great and couldn’t be happier.

Vlad and the team are really great to deal with and recommend them highly. Susie – Rowville

To Vlad and Staff at Suncrest Outdoor Blinds,

Thanks To Vlad, Josh and Aaron  for doing such a great job installing our Zip Blinds.They look amazing and we are very happy with them. We will be doing more business with Suncrest in the near future and we highly recommed them.
Doug and Helen Harry – Ferntree Gully


“Recently purchased large outdoor fabric sun blind for my west facing window.  Rang company after finding leaflet in letterbox. Could not have at a better time as had been completely ignored at a factory showroom and walked out dejected. Spoke to Vlad and he called in on way home and measured my blind for me, treated me respectfully , made suggestions as to colours for Pelmet and blind to match my black eaves. Quoted price and gave a seniors discount as well to which I agreed!
Quick delivery time.  Fitter arrived another expert guy who really knew his job and very efficient.  Agreed with Vlad’s measuring as it was a tight spot.  Blind was good quality and really looks very modern and trendy.
I’m very impressed with Suncrest Outdoor Blind company especially Vlad. They really Excel on Promptness, Efficiency, Quality and Respectability. Would defy anyone to get a better company. Thank you so much” .
Maureen 0’Sughrue -CROYDON 

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