8 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Dealing With Outdoor Awning and Blinds Companies

As you Google whom to call for your free measure and quote on a outdoor blind or an awning in Melbourne, here are a few gems you need to look for.  Forget the ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ logos and fancy TV radio clips on their sites. Look deeper

  1. Is it a caring Family Owned and Run business, a franchise or a large conglomerate owned by foreign investors.
  2. Are the people Friendly, Honest and offer Good Old Fashioned Service
  3. Can you call and ask them anything , will they take all the time you want to meet your exact needs  for home or business
  4. Do you feel like a number when dealing with them or do they make you feel important
  5. Do they offer Personal Service including informing you of progress on your awnings/blinds status: start to finish.
  6. Will you Enjoy Worry Free professional, accurate and prompt installation of your awnings/blinds.
  7. Where do they source or manufacture their Blinds & Awnings and who stands behind their products.
  8. What warranties and performance guarantees do they offer
  9. Do they offer SENIORS Discount all year round.
  10. Do they appear honest and happy to take your job on no matter how small

Dealing with BIG companies that litter the radio and TV media with annoying ads may not always be the way to go. There is a huge number of smaller companies and operators that do not have huge budgets to splurge on TV and radio ads, but still offer a superior customer service and stand behind their products. Having an impressive showroom staffed by incompetent ‘teenagers’ also may not be the best way for you to choose a supplier. Many successful and good business owners operate remotely from home and their cars yet seem to offer great service.

Being the era of social media, internet, mobile phones and mobile businesses, choosing an awnings or a blinds supplier  comes  down to only a few things.

Forget the fancy vans, the caps, and the embroidered work shirts, the logos, the slick website, the CLEARANCE SALES, the FREE INSTALLATIONS or any type of FREE gift. At the end of the day, someone has to pay for all that. And that someone is –YOU!

Look for Promptness, Punctuality, Honesty and no job being too small.

When you get this combination correct, the price will always be right!

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