Protect Your Outdoor Living Area From The Elements In Melbourne 365

Living in the  number 1 “2016 most livable city in the world” –Melbourne can be exciting. There is so much contrast. Four seasons in one day.  Beautiful and cool springs, mild romantic autumns, snowy and freezing skiing winters. Summers too do not have to be a “sweat fest’ with temperatures reaching high 30’s making you sleeping on the floor a viable option.

Melbourne with its climate and culture has it all. You could be mistaken that you lived in Europe.

With the traditional Australian backyard getting smaller and smaller, you need to focus on the outdoor living space and proper utilization of that space it so you can enjoy it 365 all year round. Outdoor blinds provide protection to your outdoor living from the elements and give you endless pleasure with loved ones. When you invest in the right outdoor blinds, vertical blinds or zip-screen blinds in Melbourne, you know that you are adding substantial value to your home as well. An investment that will keep giving returns not only monetarily but in enjoyment, pleasure and fun year after year. Outdoor Blinds Melbourne is the right consideration.

The outdoor dining spaces on your patio, verandah, or balcony are the perfect place to relax on a sunny day and have a barbeque with loved ones.  What happens when it is raining, windy or snowy? When the weather turns bad your outdoor spaces can really suffer. It is important to make sure that your alfresco living spaces are protected from the elements so as not to be damaged by exposure to the weather.

Given our affection for outdoor living and more focus on outdoor entertaining, when choosing your outdoor blinds here’s a few things you need to contemplate.

 Outdoor living 365 – with the ideal space in mind

Internal Space with today’s new homes and smaller blocks of land is always a consideration when creating a luxurious and weather protected outdoor living space. When designed properly will mean that you will want to spend more time wanting to go outside and enjoy nature.

Having this in mind, it is important to note that your inside area and outside areas do not need to be two different spaces, but one. Extending your indoor living space to the outdoors is not as difficult as it seems.

The right choice of products like window glazing doors and outdoor blinds enables you to easily transition into the protected outdoor area. For an outdoor space to feel truly comfortable, it’ll need to give the sense that it’s a room.

When choosing the right outdoor setting be mindful what it is you are trying to achieve.  An area that is resilient to heavy weather that allows you to entertain 365 all year-round, or a space that is only mildly protected. The choice is yours.

With Melbourne’s interchangeable weather, it is always good to have as many choices available to suit quick changes in weather conditions.

Outdoor blinds, roller blinds vertical blinds and block out blinds may not be a suitable choice in this case.

2. The right protection from Mother Nature

If you have dispensed with the traditional pergola and decided to go for the ultimate external screening for your outdoor area, then you cannot go past Zipscreen Outdoor Shade Blinds from Acmeda.

The channel-guided outdoor blinds, within a push of a remote button fully enclose the space and protect your outdoor fun from changes in Melbourne’s weather. Zipscreen Outdoor Shade Blinds make outdoor spaces cooler in summer; blocking external heat, sun glare, still giving you that outdoor living feeling.

Even during Melbourne’s the coldest winter months of June and July with a fully enclosed area it is possible to still enjoy outdoor entertaining. Side channels outdoor blinds like the Zipscreen Outdoor Shade Blinds provide a high quality barrier from cold weather. Many design their outdoor living areas with the cold in mind so they install outdoor patio heaters, or roof-mounted heaters. These heaters effectively warm the area, as the blinds trap a good degree of the heat.

The mesh fabrics you choose will allow you to have a feeling of depth and space while filtering the harsh sun’s rays. Entertaining in very hot weather will not be a problem. Mesh blinds allow the area to breathe, with reduced wind flow that will still maintain warmth within the area during winter.

Apart from the mesh fabrics, there is also the PVC clear blinds which completely block wind and rain, can be the perfect choice to maintain views and keep the current temperature within the space.

  1. Functional, compact and easy to install

If you’re trying to create an enclosed space, nothing is more effective than a channel blind.

Zipscreen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window

Specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies, it offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects 365 all year round. Also ideal for home and office windows, it serves as a sleek secure and durable alternative to traditional awnings and outdoor blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds.

Your custom designed Zipscreen system can be made from widths of up to 5 metres or an impressive 7 metres with Zipscreen Extreme, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area.

Cleverly constructed with hidden interlocking parts, the Zipscreen system features self-aligning side channels enabling installation in out square areas, unlike many outdoor shade blinds.

With slight wind, some blinds materials has the inclination to dislocate from the channel, not providing the wind or insect protection you’re looking for! Not with the Zipscreen Outdoor Shade Blinds from Acmeda. It is rated to be able to withstand wind speeds of 50-60 km/h.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, options include an enclosed box, range of colours and various controls to suit your individual requirements.

Zipscreen Outdoor Shade Blinds from Acmeda offers:

  • Sun/UV protection by up to 90%
  • Insect protection
  • Wind resistance  (Rated on Beaufort Wind Scale 50—60 km/hr)
  • Coastal  areas approved
  • Privacy from neighbours when required

All of the hardware components are designed and produced by Acmeda, an internationally recognized Australian manufacturer with decades of experience.

Lastly, adaptability is important when crafting your outdoor area!

When it’s a gorgeous day outside (especially in spring and autumn in Melbourne) and you don’t need shielding from wind, rain, dust, sun or insects, simply retract your blinds out of the way and enjoy nature at its best.

Enjoy your outdoor living in Melbourne 356 days a year.

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