How To Attract More Customers With a Touch Of Class In Melbourne 365

If you’ve ever visited Melbourne as a tourist or perhaps you live in Melbourne, by now you would be well aware of  the diverse, multi-layered culture and society. With all this diversity, the city has gained a reputation as being the “cultural and sporting capital” of Australia.

In Melbourne there are approximately 4950 cafes and restaurants – and per capita Melbourne has the most cafes/restaurants in the world. Pretty impressive figures!  Also, Melbourne has more clubs/pubs per capita than anywhere else in the world (According to City of Melbourne 2015 article). There are plenty of restaurants with diverse range of cuisines. The city is also peppered with food vans of all type of cuisines. With numerous festivals in spring months, the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is one to admire. Lygon Streets famous “Little Italy” in Carlton is a must for all tourists and visitors. Other inner city dining locations for Melbournians include Fitzroy Street St.Kilda, Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Victoria St Collingwood, the CBD and the Docklands and Southbank areas. All add up to the make-up of Melbourne’s fine attractions.

If you are a budding business owner, a restaurateur, a café owner, a real estate agent, a jeweller, a trendy barber, an antique dealer, or even an auto laundromat and want to get noticed, here are some tips to consider.

With over 7.9 Million visitors to Melbourne in the 2015-16 season, and with 4 Million holiday makers, there is plenty of scope for attracting more customers to your establishment.

While Melbourne is a food lovers “Mecca”, long gone are the days when just opening your doors and placing a shingle in the doorway was all you needed to do business and people would flock.

The standard outdoor blinds, sun blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds in Melbourne are no longer adequate to attract you customers. You need to be inventive and clever to stand out from your competition. And appeal visually is the first step.

One way is with classy and stylish Canopies.

First impressions to a customer:

  • Visual attraction
  • Bright glowing colours
  • Light/openness
  • Neatness/cleanliness
  • Atmosphere
  • Trustworthiness
  • Good product
  • Prices


Canopies seem to be a real solution over shop front doorways and windows where other type of sun blinds, roller blinds or block-out blinds would not do. They provide protection from the elements like, sun, rain, hale and glare, but they add a certain class and distinction to any establishment. Cleverly thought out designs and colours can only be an asset to any establishment as well as customer magnet all year round.

Fashion boutiques, antique dealers, furniture stores should always consider having a canopy as it gives it that “Tiffany’s” or Rodeo Drive look and feel. A well designed canopy that is bright with good colour choices as well as clear sign-written business details adds professionalism, and a certain amount of faith in the eyes of the customer.
Other businesses like restaurants, cafes, Hair and Beauty Salons, Real Estate Agencies, Pubs, Estate jewellry shop fronts and all types of commercial properties are able to have their canopies sign written to enhance their ‘on street’ presence and visibility.

Canopies offer a wide selection of styles and colours uniquely shaped to blend with any type of architectural building/design. If you’re creating an alfresco dining area for your customers or a stylish entrance, canopies are designed with businesses in mind. Most popular are:

  • Bow,
  • Colonial,
  • Dutch,
  • Florentine,
  • English,
  • Helmet,
  • Wedge,
  • French,
  • Shop Front,
  • Convex
  • Umbrella,
  • Antique
  • Eyelid/Elliptical,
  • Walkway
  • Victoria bull nose
  • Canada
  • Boulevarde Or Radius
  • Fixed Shop Front

Canopies are made from lightweight welded aluminium tubing to ensure solid construction but economical and attractive finished product.

Modern fabrics tend to be long-lasting, bright, easy to clean, strong and fire resistant. Material can be made from vinyl, acrylic, polyester or canvas.

Commercial branding is ideal for canopies as they are designed with businesses in mind. Shop fronts can utilise their brand logo and colours to truly make a striking first impression.

15 seconds to make a Good Impression with Shop Canopies

Whether you’re creating a garden setting bistro, alfresco dining area, a stylish barber shop front entrance or a leather shop canopy in an arcade, you only have 15 seconds to snare that customer.

Touch Of Class In Melbourne 365

Give your establishment that classy European look and feel with a Bow Canopy.

  • Florentine Bow Canopy is quite versatile as it can be fixed aluminium or folded
  • Choose from DOCRIL’S range of distinct bright colours
  • For a touch of Paris you cannot go past plain colours with bold piping
  • If a Mediterranean look is what you are after then a scalloped valance with bold stripes  is the go

Whatever your choice is, do not forget that it is a customer you are after. You want to snare them with your look, so be brave and bold. Stand out from your competition.

The French Canopies is where Paris meets Melbourne especially in Collins Street.

  • Custom made sizes up to 6500mm long with a maximum projection of 1800mm. suit all business types
  • Fabrics range from BRELLA’s canvas, DOCRIL’S acrylic canvas, VISTAVEAWE shade mesh and HVG’s PVC coated cloth giving your customers that important sun and weather protection.
  • Commercial logos are encouraged to promote your corporate image.
  • The right combination of colour with your business logo and details are sure to woo those tourists and customers aplenty

When the Dutch canopy meets the eye, it is the most pleasing and perfect 3 dimensional shade provider as well as its obvious unmistaken business signage advert for your shop you can imagine.

Most commonly seen peppering the shop fronts in England and Holland it is very versatile and can:

  • Be a quadrant or triangular shape
  • Into its aluminium arms , you can choose 4 or 5 arms, a nylon strip is inserted and stapled to give it the distinctive shape
  • boxed, semi-circles and all other shapes can be created
  • Custom made sizes up to 600mm long with a maximum projection of 1800mm.
  • Sign writing and other forms of graphic decoration can be applied by hand

Fixed Frame/Wedge Canopy is the ultimate solution for all year round shading/rain protection of the doorway or shop fronts. The cloths are easily replaced on side should you wish to change your logo or image or if the canopy gets damaged.

  • Wedge Canopy comes with welded aluminium frames.
  • Custom made sizes up to 6000mm long with a maximum projection of 1800mm.
  • Fabrics range from BRELLA’s canvas, DOCRIL’S acrylic canvas, VISTAVEAWE shade mesh and HVG’s PVC coated cloth giving your customers that important sun and weather protection
  • With a plethora of colours the choice is yours

The customer of today does not want to see those tired, sun blinds, or those hazy vertical blinds that look like they have been cleaned with a wire brush. Nor do they want outdoor blinds that are bleached, tattered and stain filled. They want new, exciting, colourful and sexy.

If it is a share of Melbourne’s burgeoning tourist dollar you want to snare, or just refresh your look and image, you cannot go past classy and stylish canopies.

With the right selection of canopy, fabrics and colours, you can give your business that professional clean appeal without overextending economically. A look that is going to give you that edge in Melbourne.

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